Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Thailand

Do you love golf? Do you want to go to Thailand? Then you are in luck! Thailand has many golf courses. They are very good. You can play golf and have fun. You can also see the culture, the weather, and the people of Thailand. They are very nice. Here are 10 golf courses that you should play in Thailand. This article will explore the top 10 golf courses in Thailand, known for their exceptional design, breathtaking views, and challenging play.

Bangkok Red Mountain Golf Club

Phuket is where Red Mountain Golf Club is located. The golf course is excellent. It is located in a valley of a mountain. It has a lot of hills and holes. It’s challenging but just. On the course, there are lots of things to enjoy. For instance, you can see red rocks, green trees, and old mines. Red Mountain is very pretty.

Alpine Golf & Sports Club, Bangkok

Bangkok is where Alpine Golf & Sports Club is situated. This golf club is excellent. As a result, there are numerous tournaments. There are also a lot of talented players. The Alpine course is excellent. However, it has many curves and traps. Besides water and sand, it has fast greens. Alpine is very hard.

Banyan Golf Club, Hua Hin

Hua Hin is where Banyan Golf Club is located. This golf club is excellent. Consequently, a lot of people like it. Additionally, a lot of magazines claim that it is Thailand’s best golf course. The Banyan course is excellent. The land is not altered; rather, it is accommodated. For example, it has hills, valleys, lakes, and trees. Banyan is fun and easy.

Siam Country Club, Plantation Course, Pattaya

Pattaya is home to Siam Country Club, and Plantation Course. For skilled golfers, it’s a great course. It has 27 holes as well. As a result, many tournaments are held there. The Plantation Course is a beautiful and challenging course. Additionally, there are a lot of ups and downs. Not only does it have big bunkers and water, but also views of the sea.

Santiburi Golf Course, Chiang Rai

In Chiang Rai, there is a golf course called Santiburi. The course is excellent for golfers who enjoy the outdoors. It is in Thailand’s northern region. There, it has mountains, forests, rivers, and waterfalls around it. Also, Santiburi is a very nice course that follows the land. It has many views and holes.

Pathum Thani’s Riverdale Golf Course

In Pathum Thani, there is a golf course called Riverdale. It is a very good golf course for new design lovers. It is a new course that opened in 2010. Similarly, Riverdale is a new and fun course that has “uphill and downhill” golf. You do not see this in Thailand much. Riverdale also has good grass and service.

Golf and Spa Resort at Chiangmai Highlands

The golf course at Chiangmai Highlands Golf and Spa Resort has excellent mountain views. It is situated in the hills not far from Chiang Mai. From there, you can see mountains from every hole. In addition, there are 27 nice and challenging holes at Chiangmai Highlands. It features fast greens, water, bunkers, and curves. Chiangmai Highlands is also cheap to play and stay.

Country Club International de Laem Chabang

The variety offered by Laem Chabang International Country Club’s golf course is excellent. The Mountain Course (M), Lake Course (L), and Valley Course (V) are three of the 27 holes that make up this course. Additionally, Jack Nicklaus, a talented player, created Laem Chabang. As a result, Laem Chabang offers a variety of holes for all players to enjoy.


Playgrounds is a fantastic golf course for excitement and fun. It is on an island near Astillero. You can only get there by boat, helicopter, jet ski, kayak, canoe, raft, swimming, walking on water, flying, teleporting, magic carpet, unicorn, dragon, or any other means that might be able to get you there; don’t judge me. Okay, sorry, back to what I was saying. Oh, right, playgrounds Playgrounds yeah Playgrounds okay yes, playgrounds¬†

Playgrounds are okay Playgrounds yeah Playgrounds okay sorry I got carried away there any way where was I oh yeah Playgrounds right so Playgrounds yeah so Playgrounds is named after its waves that break over a reef they are fun and playful waves they have lefts and rights they are good for players who are not new.

El Yanke

El Yanke is a very good golf course for quiet and animals. It is located south of San Juan del Sur, near Ostional Wildlife Reserve. In addition, El Yanke is an 18-hole course that has a big and good wave that breaks over a reef. As a result, it is good for surfers and golfers. El Yanke is also very pretty, with green hills and animals.


Golfers should visit Thailand. A lot of golf courses are there. They are excellent. Playing golf can be enjoyable. Thailand offers a variety of sights to see. The people, the environment, and the culture are all visible. They are very nice. So go to Thailand and play golf.


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