Top 5 LONGEST golf holes in the WORLD


Golf is a game that requires accuracy and expertise, and some portion of the test lies in the length of the openings. While most golf holes are between 400 and 500 yards long, some exceptional courses worldwide have incredibly long spots. This article examines the five longest golf holes in the world, where golfers can test their skills and drive a far shot.


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club, China 

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club has the longest golf hole in the world in Lijiang, China. The par-5 spot is 854 yards (780 meters) long. This hole, appropriately dubbed “The Himalayas,” presents a formidable obstacle for experienced golfers.


Satsuki Golf Club in Japan

The second-longest hole in the world can be found at the Satsuki Golf Club in Japan. The par-7 number 7 measures an impressive 964 yards. This hole, known as “The Satsuki Monster,” requires exceptional power and accuracy from golfers. Encircled by gorgeous landscapes, players should explore the dangers and avoid the shelters lining the fairway.


Gunsan Country Club, South Korea 

The Gunsan Country Club has a par-6 hole that is among the longest in the world. It’s known as “The Monster,” and even professional golfers find it difficult. The opening’s length and ferocity make it an essential encounter for any golf player.


The Worldwide Golf Club, USA

In the US, The Global Golf Club in Bolton, Massachusetts, is home to one of the most extended golf openings on the planet. The length of this par-6 hole is impressive at 841 yards. Known as “The Monster,” it requests precision and power from golf players as they explore fairways and perils. An actual test of a golfer’s skill and endurance is this hole.


Pinnacle Point Golf Club, South Africa: 

If you go to South Africa, the par-5 hole at Pinnacle Point Golf Club is one of the longest in the world. This unbelievable opening estimates 651 yards (595 meters) and offers shocking perspectives on the Indian Sea from its raised tee. With its challenging fairway and beachfront breezes, players should cautiously compute their shots to conquer this great distance.



These five of the world’s longest golf holes offer a chance to test one’s abilities and push one’s limits for golfers looking for a truly extraordinary challenge. These exceptional holes can be found at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club in China or the Pinnacle Point Golf Club in South Africa. It allows golfers to experience the exhilaration of hitting the ball over incredible distances. Whether you’re an expert golf player or an eager fan, these courses will have an enduring impression and make recollections that will be loved forever.


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