Top 10 BEST spots for SURFING in and around Lagos, Portugal


Portugal’s Lagos is known for its stunning coastline and excellent surfing conditions. Because of its ideal location, surfers worldwide travel to Lagos for the perfect wave. Lagos has something for everyone, whether you’re a novice surfer looking to catch your first wave or an experienced surfer looking for exciting breaks. This article will discuss the top ten best surfing spots in and around Lagos, Portugal, where you can catch some incredible waves.


Praia do Amado

Praia do Amado is a popular surf spot south of Lagos known for its consistent waves and stunning natural beauty. Praia do Amado offers a unique riding experience with its sandy ocean side and rough bluffs. It takes care of surfers, all things considered, making it an excellent spot for amateurs and high-level surfers the same. Thanks to the numerous peaks and swells that come and go, everyone has plenty of chances to experience the rush of riding a wave.


Praia do Tonel

Situated close to Sagres, Praia do Tonel is another must-visit riding objective. This beach is popular with more experienced surfers seeking a test due to its powerful waves. Excellent surfing conditions are created by the constant swell and offshore winds, particularly in the fall and winter. Praia do Tonel, with its dramatic cliffs and thriving surf culture, provides an unforgettable surfing experience.


Praia da Cordoama: 

A hidden gem for surfers, Praia da Cordoama, can be found further west. This isolated beach has consistent waves throughout the year and is surrounded by breathtaking cliffs. Praia da Cordoama, with its golden sand and crystal-clear waters, is a beautiful setting for surfing. The beach has waves from the left and the right, so it suits regular and crazy footers.


Praia de Odeceixe 

You can find Praia de Odeceixe in the northern part of Lagos. This beach is a favorite among surfers due to its diverse waves and natural beauty. Whether you’re a novice or an accomplished surfer, Praia de Odeceixe has something for everybody. The beach is where a river meets the ocean, creating a one-of-a-kind estuary that impacts the waves and makes surfing dynamic and exciting.


Praia da Arrifana 

It is close to the charming village of Aljezur. This beach is great for surfers of all skill levels because of the consistent swells. The cliffs serve as a stunning backdrop. Praia da Arrifana is an excellent option for learning new skills or taking in natural beauty.


Praia do Monte Clérigo 

Praia do Monte Clérigo is a beautiful beach with excellent surfing conditions just a short drive from Lagos. This ocean side offers a long sandy shore and reliable waves, ideal for surfers looking for a loose and pleasant riding experience. With its wide sandy beach and calm waters, Praia do Monte Clérigo is also an excellent place for families to sunbathe and have picnics.


Praia do Zavial 

It is a hidden gem beloved by local surfers and can be found traveling east from Lagos. This beach is excellent for people who want to escape crowds because it has consistent waves and a peaceful atmosphere. Encircled by bluffs and rough scenes, Praia do Zavial gives a quiet and beautiful setting for your riding undertakings.


Praia do Beliche 

This small but impressive beach near Sagres is known for its powerful waves. This beach has some of the most challenging surfing conditions in the region because of its unique geographical features. High-level surfers looking for an adrenaline rush will consider Praia do Beliche a brilliant decision.


Praia da Bordeira 

If you travel further north, you will come across Praia da Bordeira, a large beach well-known for its unspoiled natural beauty. Surfers love this beach because it has a long stretch of sand and consistent waves. Praia da Bordeira offers a serene and awe-inspiring surfing experience with its stunning dunes and pristine surroundings.


Praia do Telheiro

To wrap things up, Praia do Telheiro is a segregated ocean-side ideal for those looking for isolation and great waves. This unlikely treasure offers predictable expands and a serene air away from the groups. Praia do Telheiro is a beautiful place to go surfing, surrounded by towering cliffs and unspoiled nature.



In conclusion, Lagos, Portugal, is a paradise for surfers because it has many different places to surf for people of all skill levels. From Praia do Amado to Praia do Telheiro, each ocean side furnishes an extraordinary riding experience with its unmistakable qualities and stunning landscape. Exploring these top 10 surfing spots in and around Lagos will leave you with unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for the beauty of this coastal region, whether you’re an experienced surfer or a beginner looking to catch your first wave.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Are these spots for beginners suitable for surfing?

A1: Many places mentioned have the right conditions for learning to surf and getting better at it.


Q2: What time of year is best for surfing in Lagos, Portugal?

A2: During the fall and winter, when the swells are more consistent, surfing in Lagos is at its best.


Q3: Are there surf schools or rentals accessible in Lagos?

A3: Yes, Lagos has several surf schools and rental equipment, making it simple for tourists to try surfing.


Q4: Can I bring my surfboard to Lagos?

A4: Absolutely! You can bring your surfboard or lease one from the nearby surf shops.


Q5: Are there facilities close to these surf spots?

A5: Yes, there are various places to stay near the surf spots, including surf camps, guesthouses, and hotels.


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